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Shiksha Seva Foundation, 124, First Floor, Hari Om Plaza, M.G Road, Near Omkareshwar Temple, Sukarwadi, Borivali East Mumbai – 400066

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every girl child has right to nurture her life.


It depicts that every girl child has a right to live. No Female Foeticide.



Every girl child has right of getting education or be educated.


We believe in providing good nutrition with healthy food to underprivileged.



It depicts that every girl child has a right to live.  No Female Foeticide.

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On a mission to provide
education to the girl child
in India

Shiksha Seva Foundation

Helping Today. Helping Tommorow

“Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow. Only through right education can a better order of society be built up.”

– Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Kanya Shiksha Yojana

It provides formal education to underprivileged girl child with collaboration with government and private schools.


This is a remedial programme which provides education to girl child in India at our own remedial centres


It empowers women with resources and trains them with set of skills that they can stand on their feet to support their life and family

We Help Them Fight Hunger

Be a part of a cause, donate ration kits to poor labourers and their families!

Millions of poor families are struggling to access food and rations during the COVID lockdown. Shiksha Seva Foundation has taken a step to surviving from the dangerous virus Covid 19. We have decided to Donate grocery kit for poor families during this pandemic.




Always Open

Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat

Shiksha Seva Foundation is on a mission to promote girl child education in India providing basic and like-skill education amongst the underprivileged women. Contribute towards building a strong foundation for nation through women empowerment and development programs.


Give Education for Children

We are here to improvise the socio economic status of the urban slums and rural village by supporting them in education and development.

Children from Rural Area
Safe + Easy Donations

Regular Campaigns for Nourishment

The overall development of the students, in terms of health, social engagements and healthy nourishment is taken care of through health and immunization camps, counselling and proper nutrition through mid-day meals. We are looking forward for providing appropriate teaching aid and infrastructure facilities like libraries, health care and literacy promotion program.

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Your Single Rupee Can Build A Future

Donate for Nurturing life

How do we function?

We nurture underprivileged girl child section of the society, help needy child, work upon women empowerment for a strong nation building, get the right medical aid, outreach to outskirts and make education available for literacy & organize special need based program’s…we at Shiksha Seva Foundation want to seek all round development and well being of a girl child, regardless of circumstances they belong too. We want to enhance their social and economic status. Counsel them and make them independent, to stand on their feet and contribute to our society. Only & only through

What does Shiksha Seva Foundation do?

Every single individual from Shiksha Seva Foundation will always strive to add happiness in every corner’s of life through various initiative’s:

  • Kanya Shiksha Yojana - It Provide Formal Education to underprivileged girl Child with collaboration with government and pvt schools.
  • UDAAN - It is a remedial programme which provide education to girl child at own remedial center
  • Swaasth Bharat - Healthcare project
  • Stree Astitva - It empowers women with resources and train them with set of skills that they can stand on there feet to support there life and family

Will I get 80(g) certificate?

Yes you will get 80(g) certificate that is tax exempted.


How do we bring an impact to life

A society or a nation progresses when its girl child is educated and empowered.

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